Mixed Boxing

Come join in our mixed training classes today! With this intense one hour class, learn how to box and how it can keep you in great shape.
Booking is required with all classes.
All ages, genders and levels of fitness welcome.
Limited to 10 people per class.

Mon/Wed/Fri - 10am
Tues/Wed/Thurs - 7PM & 8PM
Sat 10am & 1pm


Are you looking to get fit without getting hit? With our one-on-one sessions, each session can be tailored to each individual needs and fitness levels. Basic sessions consist of:  warm ups and stretching, 3 minutes of bag work, skipping, focus pad work, slam ball work follow by different abdominal conditioning exercises.

Call us to book your sessions today!

Amateur Boxing

Each session covers the basics such as warm ups, bag work, skipping, abdominal work, slam ball, strength training and pad work in the ring but each class varies to keep it fun and exciting.
This class is specifically for those who wish to have contact boxing.

Mon/Wed/Fri - 6PM & 7PM

Teens Boxing Classes

Mixed classes for ages 11-17 yrs old

With our Teens only class, we concentrate on building stamina, confidence and helping you get in shape with the art of boxing. We do a mixture of workouts which will strengthen your body and mind. Parents are welcomed to join in with the classes too!

Tu/Thu - 6PM

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